…and some days you get dulcimers.

I’ve had some interesting conversations at seminary, but most of them are somewhat related to seminary. But on Saturday, while at the library, I took a break from studying and went down to a little room in the basement (has a tv, drink/snack machines, etc.) to relax for a few minutes. Already there was a lady who had graduated from the seminary a few years ago, and we fell into conversation. We covered politics and the debate, dulcimers and other stringed instruments, and reading.

The dulcimer was definitely the most interesting part of the conversation. She collected them for a while, though I think she only has one left. Apparently they’re made differently in different states. In Kentucky, the body of the instrument is an hourglass shape, while in Virginia, it’s boat-shaped, and in Tennessee, it’s shaped like a box. Here, have a helpful picture-full website. She said they’re usually plucked (though the website suggests the strings can be hammered as well), and it, to her, sounds like a stringed bagpipe.

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

There’s a shop that makes them in Berea, Kentucky – I’m tempted to go down there at some point just to see them. It really is funny what you learn and become interested in at seminary… sometimes it has very little to do with what you came for.

But speaking of classes, they’re still going well, though definitely keeping me busy. Almost every spare moment is filled with homework – I spend a lot of time in the library… between classes, in the evenings after work and classes, on Saturdays. Since the library is closed Sundays, I’ve started spending that afternoon at the Panera nearest me. So I feel as though I’m keeping up with things, though midterms haven’t hit yet. We’ll see how those go in a couple weeks…


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