Once upon a time…

there was a grad student who attempted to keep a blog. Whoops. The past couple weeks have been crazy-busy, as most of my midterms were these last few days. So the last couple weeks have been full of homework assignments and other things. I think everything went well, though – I got everything turned in, and my one in-class test turned out to be not so bad (after studying like crazy). Next week I only have a test (Method & Praxis), a paper (KCW), study questions (Method & Praxis), a worksheet (Hebrew) and an assignment (Matthew) due. It’s sort of scary that I’m looking at that and going, “Hey, an easy week!”

This Sunday is the last part of our project for KCW. Two Sundays ago we spent the afternoon working in a community garden in downtown Lexington – pulling grass, spreading mulch, planting winter wheat, watering plants, and generally cleaning things up. I had a few minor hand injuries, but overall it was pretty fun. We had a good time together, and got a lot done in the garden. This Sunday we’ll be digging/planting a garden for a lady in downtown Lexington.

In other news (which Dad insisted I put on my blog), I’m dating a guy (Shannon) who also goes to seminary. We met in my Method & Praxis class, and ‘officially’ started going out about a week and a half ago. (Happy, Dad? 😉

I’ve also started a Facebook, so if you’re on there (and haven’t already friended me or been friended by me), look me up. 🙂


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