A little, tiny break…

Well, we survived the snow and ice, and class is over. Phew. Of course, this week doesn’t seem to slow down too much – there’s work, plus wedding stuff to do, and I’m taking my Greek exam. So this week off between J-term and the spring semester isn’t feeling much like a week off! I have been able to do a few things for fun, though… I finished a scarf I’d been working on for a friend (just the fringe left), and have read a bit for pleasure rather than school.

Though I really wouldn’t recommend what I did the other day – read about decaying human cadavers (the book Stiff by Mary Roach) while eating breakfast. Not really the best idea I’ve ever had.

I’ve also started studying for my Greek Competency Exam, which is on Thursday. I’m a little surprised to see how much I’ve retained from college – a clear example of how things in long-term memory just need a little encouragement to come out again.

I hope.


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