Am I a fastidious spelling snob?

I like spelling things correctly. I get irritated at bad grammar. But I certainly don’t go as far as these people.

The article talks about people who get irked at misspelled words and misplaced apostrophes. It tells stories of grammar vigilantes who run around their cities with whiteout and a black marker, valiantly waging war against careless writers. Not only are there stories of vandalism (such as marking up a menu or putting whiteout on a store sign), there’s also a woman who called a business to inform them of their grammar mistakes and someone who refuses to patronize Krispy Kreme because of the spelling.

Yeah, I roll my eyes a bit at the spelling and grammar that businesses and people use, but I wouldn’t start vandalising store signs and I certainly wouldn’t let it keep from enjoying an occasional donut.

Oh, sorry. Doughnut.


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