Yeah, so I may need to blog more…

I always have great intentions of posting regularly on my blog, but somehow they seem to fall through. Oh well. Life seems to be varying between “busy” and “nearly insane”, but we’re making it through. I hope. This week is a rough one, with a tough NT test – my study guide is 28 pages long. Yeah, that’s fun.

There are some fun things about this semester, though they too add to the busyness. First, I’m helping Shannon coach soccer. And by “help” I mean make sure the kids keep track of their water bottles, jackets and other things, and give them the hairy eyeball when they don’t pay attention. We’re having fun, though. And by “fun”, I mean that the kids run around the field forgetting everything the coach has taught them while losing spectacularly while we stand at the sidelines. But at least it gets us outside on Wednesday nights (practice) and Saturdays (games). 🙂 And the kids love how muddy it has been, even if my sneakers don’t.

There’s also been wedding stuff – showers, mostly. Shannon came up a few weeks ago and my work threw us a little shower, which was fun. And then my small group girls threw me another one this last weekend. Lots of fun – and I get to do it again this weekend in West Virginia with his family! After that, there’s (I think) not much wedding stuff until we get to the actual wedding, which is in 38 days. Hard to believe, but I’m very excited about it. And definitely looking forward to this summer when we can relax!


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