“… every human being has a hidden story, and that if you were quiet enough and patient enough, you could finally hear it.” – Arturo Perez-Reverte (Queen of the South)

For those wondering what in the world my blog title is, it’s a reference to the Hebrew language. Six letters in the Hebrew language can be either soft or hard, and they are called the begadkephat. When I was studying Hebrew in grad school, the mnemonic word struck my fancy, and I haven’t been able to let go of it since, despite letting my brain go to rot since I graduated with my Masters in December 2010.

Right now I’m back in health insurance, where I worked after college and before grad school. My husband is a pastor of a two-point charge in the United Methodist Church located out in the beautiful countryside of Kentucky. We’ve been very blessed by the community that surrounds us and which has welcomed us.

As for what I do in my copious spare time? I love to read (mostly fiction), cook and bake, knit and craft… and whatever else strikes me. I have a lot of ambition but not nearly enough time or energy. Hence the yearlong hiatus of my blog. But here’s to hoping this time will be different…


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